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Experience unmatched project visibility with GitScrum's comprehensive views. From board and gantt chart to table, calendar, and dashboard - Explore your projects from every angle for greater clarity and control.

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Refining Project Management through Comprehensive Project Insight

Enhance project management with GitScrum Views, providing diverse perspectives like board, Gantt chart, table, calendar, and dashboard. Gain clarity, control, and efficiency for informed decisions and optimal project outcomes.

GitScrum Board View

Enhancing Efficiency and Accountability through Time Tracking

Optimize project workflows with GitScrum Time Tracking. Elevate efficiency and accountability by seamlessly monitoring and managing tasks, ensuring precise insights for enhanced productivity and project success.

Unleash Actionable Insights and Organize Tasks Like a Pro

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Gain a comprehensive perspective of projects and procedures with GitScrum Overview to control your workloads and avoid obstacles before they occur. Utilize essential metrics such as due dates, allocated tasks, and tasks per columns to ensure stakeholders are on the same page and trust remains high.

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Organize Your Tasks, Just Like an Email Client

Revamp the viewing experience of your work by providing an email-styled list that can be easily sorted and filtered for more precision. This will enable you to quickly identify and focus on exactly the tasks that need to be completed.

Organize Your Tasks with GitScrum, Just Like an Email Client

Power of Multiple Boards per Project

Unlock the potential of Project boards by creating custom overviews tailored to your team and clients. Streamline valuable tasks and establish powerful workflows with custom views that can help maximize collaboration efforts.

Increase Productivity with Multi-Project Boards

Clients Say About GitScrum Experience

Lisa Thompson
Lisa Thompson
Removal Services Manager

“Removal services transformed! GitScrum's Views coordinate tasks, ensuring smooth moves, and dashboards enhance client peace of mind.”

Max Walker
Max Walker
Attorney at law

“Legal cases simplified. GitScrum's Views organize tasks in table, Gantt charts depict case progress, ensuring efficient law practice.”

Alex Chen
Alex Chen
Digital Agency Owner

“Digital agencies thrive with GitScrum's Views. Table view keeps projects streamlined, while dashboards showcase client impact.”

Emily Rodriguez
Emily Rodriguez

“Dietitians delight in GitScrum's Views. Calendar organizes appointments, Gantt charts track meal plans, ensuring clients' health journeys excel.”